Selling a dream to the sales industry: Tenderscout

With the belief that sales teams should be spending every minute of every day closing deals, Tenderscout has built a unique predictive analytics platform that tells you who will buy and what it will take to close the sale — as opposed to other Market Intelligence technologies that only tell you who might buy and not much else.

In truth, successful sales teams don’t wait for someone to click on their web content to get leads. Instead, they focus their efforts on real, independently qualified opportunities that fast-track sales, and Tenderscout helps you accomplish just that!

Their journey throughout the ACE programme has been quite an impressive one, too. A company spokesperson had commented that, “At the beginning of the programme, Tenderscout struggled to get on the radar of local angel investors and to convince anyone of their value proposition”  and went on to add that “Our mentor Tony Dalton provided objective input, market insight and connections to sales/market research prospects, and the general support and encouragement from Tony, DBIC and the ACE programme has helped Tenderscout overcome losses of momentum, product/market fit challenges and to stay the course”. 

In 2014, TenderScout’s top 20 clients enjoyed a double digit revenue growth, and now with the ACE programme, TenderScout will without a doubt become increasingly successful on the international scale, qualifying them as a close finalist at the #ACEAwards.

To find out more the solutions Tenderscout can offer you, visit their website or why not try them on social media! 





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