Age well with Agewell Biometrics! #ACEAward winner

AgeWell Biometrics wins ACE's Best Living Lab Award! 

AgeWell Biometrics at the #ACEAward ceremony

Smartphones are getting smarter thanks to Agewell Biometrics and their Equilibrium app! More specifically, Equilibrium is a “mobile software balance assessment application that allows healthcare professionals to quickly evaluate postural stability”. In turn, this can help detect signs of musculoskeletal, neurological and vestibular dysfunction in the elderly. So, in short, AgeWell Biometrics is improving senior care and quality of life by providing objective, precise and predictive fall risk assessment.

But that’s not all — Equilibrium also includes quite the handy feature, titled the AgeWell Analytics Engine. This streams the sensor data to the AgeWell cloud, which then sends the quantified data back to the clinical network. 

And when asked about his experience in the ACE Programme, co-founder and CEO Joshua Wies, commented: “the Living Labs support has been instrumental in AgeWell’s success as it provided scientific evidence, simultaneously validating our product while providing user feedback from elderly individuals. Without our participation in ACE, AgeWell would be at least a year behind”.

Indeed, through their participation in the ACE programme, AgeWell Biometrics was able to develop scientific business relationships throughout European countries, necessary to grow the company, but also thanks to Living Labs, it was able to validate this revolutionary product, and, on a budget.

AgeWell is now working with several hospital systems and assisted living providers in the USA as well as the Washington D.C. Office on Aging!  

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