Greeting the winner: ACE Health at the awards ceremony!

ACE Health wins ACE’s Most Impressive International Growth Award! 

ACE Health at the #ACEAwards ceremony!

Wouldn’t it be great if your healthcare provider could be up-to-date with your treatment and your progress, at every step of the way? Well, no need for any 'ifs' anymore, because ACE Health does just that! 

Their first product, OpenFIT, is a secure cloud platform that allows managers, clinicians and researchers to collect and analyse Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) before, during and after treatment. So it is no surprise that this start-up has been an international hit!

Indeed, in just the one year, ACE Health secured over €1 Million in investments and expanded to five different countries across Europe — from Scandinavia to Portugal, and with clients varying from national health programs, to a non-profit like Caritas which is a confederation of over 160 members working at the grassroots in almost every country in the world.

When asked about his experience in the ACE Program, co-founder and CEO, Enda Madden, commented: “The ACE programme provides ideal opportunities through its customised support to engage with potential clients, partners, government bodies in legislative, trade & economics, as well as access to research centres and to industry specific experts in healthcare.”

Enda then added: “Through local support of the ACE partner in Ireland, we grew our customer base in Denmark with flagship customers such as Falck Healthcare and local communes in the health and social care space throughout Scandanavia. We also worked with ACE partner IPN in Portugal, who connected us with Caritas to provide support services in the addiction space in Portugal.”

Their outstanding expansion across Europe made ACE Health the irresistible winners for ACE’s Most Impressive International Growth Award.



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