Handle the Crisis with ACE Company GINA System

The ACE supported company GINA Software from Brno, Czech Republic, develops mapping systems for mobile devices. It allows navigation through difficult terrain, coordination of teams and efficient exchange of geographical information.


A bit of history

2010, Haiti, the country suffers a devastating earthquake. Images of the chaos are broadcasted worldwide showing people in the rubble and nobody to help them.

At that time, Zbynek Poulícek was searching for a topic for his thesis. The earthquake happened during the development of his product for the Imagine Cup. After seeing footage from Haiti he decided with his friends Boris Procházka and Petra Bacíková Cerná. that they would use the programme mapping software they had developed for use in tourism GINA (Geographical Information Assistant) to assist emergency and security agencies.

They entered their project into the Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competition, whose objective is . to motivate students, with the help of modern technology, to come up with practical solutions to global problems.  

The GINA technology won the national round, draw the attention of the BBC and was glowingly mentioned by Bill Gates. The humanitarian organisation Hands for Help then used it in practice for dealing with the consequences of the earthquake in Haiti.  It was deployed again in the wake of the tsunami that struck Japan, and the company is looking at more ways access to real-time geographic data can help people and organizations.

The flagship product of the company, GINA System, is available worldwide. In addition to the EU, the company has sales representatives in Haiti and Japan. Its main business partners are Motorola Solutions, Ercom (France) and Microsoft.

Today the system is used not only by the emergency services, but also by naturalists mapping the incidence of rare species. In the South Moravia region it has become part of the integrated rescue system and helps fire fighters and the rescue services coordinate their joint actions.

Although it has been on the market for only a few years, GINA has won a tender from the United Nations (UN). From 2015 members of the UNDP (the United Nations Development Programme) agency began to use the system in Haiti. Using portable hardware such as a tablet and GINA software interlinks responding units and locates people and vehicles in the field.

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