Feedpods: the robotic feeder with a perfect niche market

Whitepark Engineering Limited, trading as Feedpods, is a technology and robotics company headquartered in Donegal, Ireland. Whitepark designs and manufactures sensor driven, cellular enabled, self learning programmable animal feed delivery systems to make the animal feeding process easier.

What’s so unique about these products? First on this list is their robust design. These products can be used outdoors and endure the conditions that come with this. Second, you can remote control the Feedpods and receive feedback via your mobile phone. And last but not least, it is an incredibly accurate feed release and delivery method. So essentially — it’s robust, smart and accurate too! 

For these reasons mentioned above, zoos from all over the world, starting with the UK & Ireland, have been expressing their interest in this product, creating the perfect niche market for Feedpods. 

Yet, to go that one step further and to truly develop their international market potential, this company decided to join the ACE programme. What was the outcome?

According to a spokesman for the company, “Through the ACE programme, Whitepark received support and mentoring from partners CUE and IPN, who respectively reviewed the product and business model for Feedpods in the context of the UK market; and assisted Feedpods with the identification of potential clients and partners in the Portuguese market.” The spokesperson then went on to add that, “The support provided by ACE mentors was extremely beneficial in assisting to secure the company's first order with Twycross Zoo (Warwickshire) and in helping to establish the correct platform for the development of the business firstly in the UK, which includes over 100 zoos, and then internationally".

Indeed, Feedpods has now grown its presence in the UK rather impressively, to include Dublin Zoo, Tayto Park, Albuquerque Zoo and Chester Zoo! If you would like to find out more about this intelligent software, don't hesitate to check out their website!

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