ACE Company Spotlight: Pinlogic

Meet Pinlogic - the software that uses GPS technology on smartphones to make people easier to locate. But how exactly does it work? Well, to put it simply, this solution uses smartphones to take a snap shotof your location, without the hassle of you needing to sign up. Yes, exactly — it’s easy, simple and effective. The Pinlogic Software then converts the retrieved data into useful formats for almost every type of business, from basic directions to task management, and their market includes any company globally who has to travel for business, from couriers, breakdown & repair services, to the taxi industry. And that is why Pinlogic qualified as one of the finalists at the ACE Awards. Feeling curious? Then check out their video on here to learn more about Pinlogic & how it works!

As concerns their participation in the ACE program, Pinlogic made great some great leaps forward. They received support from IPN mentors to assist with the identification of potential partners and also pitched for investment at the Milan Summit in March 2015. This experience, they claim, allowed them to refine the professionalism and confidence of their pitch to investors and subsequently secure an investment of €75,000 from independent Irish based investors.

Indeed, John Irwin, co-founder of Pinlogic, described the ACE program as “an empowering experience”. He then went on to add, “With ACE promoting us, we were more confident and felt more included in European business circles, thanks to their referrals, personal introductions and recommendations. Regarding social media, it is vital to every business success and ACE also does a wonderful job in this department”. If you would like to hear more about their experience in the ACE program, have a look at their video testimonial!

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