ACE Company Spotlight: Inside Visions

ACE Company Inside Visions provides useful analytics to offline businesses about their clients and audience. They convert images into information, like the audience’s gender, age group or how long they look at an ad. Born in Coimbra (Portugal), it is incubated by the ACE Partner IPN. They are now looking for an investment to make it in the UK, where they are already present.

It all started with Miguel Peixoto and an idea. While working at an automotive company, he was sure there had to be a better way to know their lost market than counting visitors manually at the cars’ showroom. After leaving the company, Miguel asked his brother Paulo, a professor at the University of Coimbra specialized in Computer Visions and Automation, if it could be done automatically. With a positive response, he then decided to “take the leap” and “create his own company”, in his own words.

After the required development and optimization of the face detection technology, self-funded by another project in the e-learning sector, the first product was ready to go to the market: Face Click®. Flexible, easy to install and operate, it is tailored specifically to retailers. It ensures greater in-store product adequacy, through the detection of clients’ profiles, by gender and age. Face Click® is a powerful statistical tool with which, through its WEB version, you can easily manage multi-sites with multiple cameras in multiple stores.

The next solution, based in the same technology, is to be applied in advertising – Target Ads® allows adapting the ads displayed on digital screens according to the person that’s looking, in real time. All of these statistics (which ad is more popular, for how long women and men look at it, did anyone smile at it, etc) are then provided to the client.

It was of need to bring this solution to the United Kingdom, where’s a much broader net of digital signage, and the company already received requests from Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Brazil, United Kingdom and the United States. Now, Inside Visions’ CEO  Miguel is focused on raising investment: “You must get to market quickly and, for that, investment is needed".

Inside Visions has recently won the Best Startup Award from “Prémio Caixa Empreender” in Portugal. They hope this distinction brings them the much needed visibility to access international investor networks. 

Miguel Peixoto, CEO of Inside Visions receiving the prize "Prémio Caixa Empreender" for best Portuguese Start Up (photo credits: SaldoPositivo)

Their experience in ACE

Inside Visions has heard about the ACE programme through ACE Partner IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes in Portugal. Their ACE Experience has been incredibly positive so far. "We were able to connect with other innovative companies at the ACE Summit, after evaluating which would potentially be the best partners for us in foreign markets", says Miguel Peixoto. The CEO stated that since then, very promising business opportunities have been developed and, in the end, "this is what matters". 

Their expectations for the ACE Programme are that it continues to be a platform that can gather companies at the same stage, with the same goals, and that fit well together. 

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